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Chat Log #1: 07.07.2004
(WiseNet): You said we need DirectX 9 compliant SOUND card, so what dx9 sound technologies will be implemented in the game? (EAX 4.0?)
(SH3DevTeam): Hi everyone! Sorry guys, no EAX for SH3!

(Willey): Will there be historical realistic harbours and which if not all are modelled precisely after the real one?
(SH3DevTeam): Due to limited info from the period, some harbours will be not so accurately modelled. Anyway, the U-Boat bases will be as detailed as possible. That's it about harbours

(Drebbel): On the site it is written: "we have decided to put more efforts into the development of dynamic campaigns". Does that mean SHIII will include a dynamic campaign ? Because putting more effort in it can also mean it will not make the final release at all :-(
(SH3DevTeam): :) YES, there will be a DYNAMIC CAMPAIGN!!

(Stevepine): How does the dev team feel about the postponed release date and the new campaign style?
(SH3DevTeam): The team is feeling very well. Thank you!. However, you have to knwo that it is not very easy to develop this kind of campaign

(Klave): How integrated will the handling of crew be? i.e. how far will it go in giving orders and so on:)
(SH3DevTeam): The crew is integral part of the interface. You cannot control the boat without it. Main stations have to be manned to work, so go imagine...

(Legion88): How is it that you are allowed to take more time, when most games are rushed these days?
(SH3DevTeam): We are very lucky indeed. Fortunately for us, we are an internal dev team backed by a great publisher that have the time, the money and the will to do the things right.

(RedTerex): Will the player be able to 'walk' around inside the U-boat or will he be fixed?
(SH3DevTeam): Yes, the player will be able to walk around the boat, in certain locations: the command room, the radio/sonar room, the conning tower, the bridge. However, to be really efficient in controlling the boat, you will need to "jump" from station to station.

(Kejotikk): Will SH3 contain two way radio communication with BdU like how it was in AOD (Aces of the Deep)?
(SH3DevTeam): Of course it will be part of the campaign.

(Leif_PL): In what language will the crew speak? I hope it'll be German ...I know that not everyone know German well enough - I'm one of them :) - but better way to help them is not english-speaking crew but subtitles!... After a while we'll all know the German dialogues and orders from just listening... Will there be many language versions of SH3 or just one? Maybe there should be many subtitles versions to choose in one game?
(SH3DevTeam): Crew voices will be German by default (subtitles will be available), but the international version will include both English/German voice package.

(zambet): will it be implemented a comprehensive and in depth TUTORIAL campaign?
(SH3DevTeam): The tutorial will resemble a Naval Academy course. It will include a "graduation mission" and it will influence the career starting "default" - get good grades and you may be assigned a better starting boat.

(psilo): will we be able to control the depth rudders manually?
(SH3DevTeam): The diveplanes will be controllable by the player. Manually!

(martes86): Will we be able to resupply at sea meeting class VIIF and XIV submarines?
(SH3DevTeam): This remains to be seen. But expect the resuply sequence to be noninteractive.

(Doomer): What are the recommended graphics going to be
(SH3DevTeam): Please check the Q&A on www.silent-hunteriii.com
(UbiRazz): http://www.silent-hunteriii.com/uk/devteamquestions1.php question 3 to be exact :)

(Bruno_Sulikatex): What about the lifeboats? Will the player be able to shoot them or to make prisoners?
(SH3DevTeam): No way you will be able to do that!

(Stevepine): In the north Atlantic theatre we have seen the great looking icebergs, will there also be pack ice that would prevent the sub from being able to able to surface? This has been included in a few previous sub sims such as Red Storm Rising and was a really nice realistic feature!
(SH3DevTeam): It is pretty tough to rise through ice with a WW2 vintage boat. I think this will not be available in SH3.

(TJL): Will the multiplayer host have the option to disable auto TDC for all players to ensure higher realism and perhaps include this option in normal single player realism settings also?
(SH3DevTeam): The host will control various settings, including the realism ones. And of course in single player, the realism setting will include the TDC auto "on/off option".

(Schakal): how detailed is the sea chart? What information about the chart station can you give us?
(SH3DevTeam): The chart station will allow course plotting, measurement and AI navigator officer assisted interception course plotting. Wow, that was complex to say :) Also, regarding the sea charts: for the coastlines the most detailed vector information will be used on most areas. The game uses the latest data available ETOPO2 (4 Km sampling points) for depth information and SRTM30 for height information. Also, we are implementing the latest SRTM3 (90 meters height-map resolution) for some areas.

([Azmodan]): will there be a rating system on single player missions – sort of how well u accomplished the mission - or just success and failure?
(SH3DevTeam): The campaign mode will include a tonnage top. It will also measure the player's performance using a "renown" system. For single missions, there will be a similar mission evaluation.

(Visco): how will the player use the ENIGMA? If it is in the game…
(SH3DevTeam): For the time being, we prefer to let it be an "enigma" :)

(Willey): Will there be an in-game "wizard wheel" for calculating torpedo firing solution? (Don’t mix it up with the TDC)
(SH3DevTeam): No, but we may consider including one in the game box.

(Taskforce1x1): Can sounds within our sub be detected by the enemy?
(SH3DevTeam): There will be a "noise level" parameter associated with the boat and the various actions taking place inside (repairing, torpedo loading, gramophone music... :)

(Gollard): In regards to Weather Dynamics, whilst on patrol, will the current game engine, render different weather fronts i.e. storms, clear skies, rain, and fog. Also we know that there are three different sea states, I am assuming that the sea states will change with the above weather dynamics. SH2 didn’t, and I know SH3 is a completely new development team.
(SH3DevTeam): The weather is fully dynamic. You'll get plenty of fog, clouds, rain, clear sky and so on. Of course, the sea state will evolve in accordance with the weather state, so expect high waves even if the storm is over.

(Captain): I noticed in the E3 trailer that the camera view allows to player to view the surface while underwater. Some hardcore players consider this cheating. Will there be an option (like in SH2) to limit the camera view to only subsurface?
(SH3DevTeam): Of course the realism settings will allow you to disable it. But can you resist temptation ‘till the end of the game? :)

(U-658): will silent running be more of effect in this game and will thermal layers make it harder for destroyers to find subs
(SH3DevTeam): According to our discussion with Herr Jurgen Oesten, the use of thermal layers by U-Boat captains is more of a myth, but we will introduce them in the game nevertheless. Silent running will be a standard evasive procedure and it will work. At least sometimes... :)

(Taskforce1x1): Is there a decision on if there will be BETA testers selected to test SHIII before final release?
(SH3DevTeam): There will be beta tester recruiting and we will let you know on the site of the game.

(SH3DevTeam): Great talking to you guys, and thank you for your enthusiastic support. Good hunting everyone!

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